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The new software clair gives resort operators the perfect overview of their installations and systems. Ropeways, trail groomers, snowmaking equipment and service buildings are shown centrally and integrated on a user interface. The result is maximum transparency and efficiency in operations and maintenance.

  • Greater overview and efficiency in daily operations
  • Clearly structured tasks and activities
  • All installations and systems integrated into a software
  • Vendor-neutral integration of many different installations
  • Transparent planning assisted by a software
  • All information available at all times
  • Harmonized organization of the maintenance on the installations
The modular structure of clair enables us to perfectly address customer needs and to offer a product that is optimally tailored to the user.

Saša Maretić, Product Manager



This module gives a clear overview of all tasks and information relating to operations and maintenance. Those can be personalized and allocated.

  • Support in all activities relating to operation and maintenance
  • Straightforward and centralized documentation by means of a digital operations log
  • Information for all installations always at a glance
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The reports module allows to issue reports for operations and maintenance. The contents, appearance and regularity can be adapted.

  • Generation of machinery, operation and maintenance reports
  • Templates filed in the system facilitate the works
  • Signature meeting official requirements and filing for digital processing
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This is the module for analyses, monitoring and troubleshooting. It allows to generate detailed information and machine data for all integrated installations of the resorts and to compare them. Daily operations can then be optimized based on the data obtained.

  • Detailed information and data for all integrated installations in the resort
  • Straightforward preparation of diagrams
  • Individual adaptation of the dashboard layout
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The knowledge module allows centralized access to all relevant documents, such as instructions, manuals and wiring diagrams.

  • Systematic building and documentation of knowledge in the resort
  • Information are available at any time and everywhere
  • Rights management to share knowledge
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Software features

  • Modern web-based application

    available from everywhere – via desktop and mobile application

  • Easy operability

    uncluttered and clearly structured design

  • Open for all systems

    ropeways, trail groomers, snowmaking equipment, building services, etc.

  • Up-to-date information

    always up to date


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