Perfect overview

clair offers digital operations log for ropeways

With this feature in clair, the time-consuming paperwork jumble is finally history. The digital daily operations log saves operators time and nerves, and gives them a better overview.

    The five key functions

    1. Template or free configuration
      clair gives operators specific templates for daily operations logs from Doppelmayr for daily checks and inspections. These can be quickly and simply adapted to suit individual requirements depending on the ropeway installation.
    2. Simple administration of responsibilities
      Roles like machine operator, station operative or operations manager can be freely configured. Regularly recurring responsibilities can be stored if required.
    3. Rapid recording of events
      clair provides clear templates for events such as operational interruptions, freight transports, special trips or changes in rope speed and therefore ensures the structured and full recording of necessary information. Archiving is automatic and space-saving as it is paperless.
    4. More transparency
      A non-editable history is automatically created for each task. The transparency gained as a result contributes toward the safety of the ropeway installation.
    5. One-click signature
      The digital signature is performed quickly and easily by mouse click. Daily reports can also be signed by one or two levels of authority and configured separated for each ropeway installation.

    Official approval

    Approval for maintaining the daily operations log in electronic form has been granted by the top ropeway authority in Austria and the Office for Ropeways of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. Other countries are to follow.

    Benefits of the electronic operations log

    • Simple handling
    • Automatic paperless archiving
    • Central, structured storage
    • Time saving through higher efficiency
    • Accessible any time, any place